Second opinion on the treatment for cancer

The treatment of cancer requires a relationship of confidence between patient and doctor. This confidence is fully deserved in France where doctors are well trained and internationally renowned.

The doctor gives his/her patient clear, honest and comprehensible information on the expected benefits at each step of the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment path as well as the modalities and possible undesirable side effects. The treatment is, therefore, the result of a shared decision between doctor and patient. It is taken following the consultative advice of a multi-disciplinary meeting where the doctors follow the recommendations of national or regional learned societies but with a personal interpretation. Some regions only have one centre of reference. This uniqueness guarantees homogeneity in the treatment of cancer but can, at times, be considered as the cause of an impoverishment of the debate. Other regions, such as the Ile de France, on the other hand, have a wealth and diversity of « schools » that offer patients several opinions; the downside, however, is that patients have « too many options » to choose from.

The questions that arise concerning cancer treatment are many and all can, potentially, give rise to hesitation, even anxiety, given the huge importance of the outcome at stake.

The central question is how to evaluate the balance between the therapeutic choice and the hope of a cure.

It is perfectly legitimate for a patient to want a second opinion, to submit his /her case to another doctor in order, either to be upheld in their decision or, on the contrary, to be given other options.

Our team offers patients, who so desire, the possibility of benefiting from a complete expertise of their cancer dossier. The therapeutic options are explained to them in detail.

With this in mind, kindly make an appointment at one of our consultation centres.

With a member of our team