Dr Jacques WROBEL

Biographie CV

Dr. Jacques WROBEL, a specialist in anaesthesia and resuscitation, was a laureate of the Paris X11 – Créteil Faculty of Medicine award. He has also specialised in Pain Management and obtained the Diploma of Medical Hypnosis Applied to Pain delivered by the University of Paris.

He has specialised in the assessment and mangement of both acute and chronic pain, is a hospital practitioner at the Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou and a consultant at the Hôpital Américain de Paris.

In 2014, he set up, and is now in charge of, the Mobile Unit for Accompaniment and Palliative Care at the Hôpital Américain. He is also a « Pain and Cancer » consultant in the cancerology department of the Clinique Hartmann in Neuilly.

During these specialised consultations, he assesses and medically manages chronic pain, (that has evolved over a period of more than three months), such as : not only migraine, cluster headaches, spine pain, thoracic or abdominal pain, post-traumatic pain, shingles, but also the pain, of varying degree,  that occurs in 75% of cases during the evolution of a cancerous disease.

Previously, he was an anaesthetist at the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris hospitals : Henri Mondor, Tenon, Rothschild and Trousseau, as well as at the Centre Hospitalier du Havre and several other private clinics in France.

He has been the General Secretary of the « Médecins Sans Frontières » association and is a founding member of the « Médecins du Monde » association.

He has been responsible for the international Research and Development of several original molecules for laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1993, he founded the UPSA Institute for Pain ( Institut UPSA de la Douleur) in partnership with a French pharmaceutical group

(www.institut-upsa-douleur.org). He is an active member of the scientific society SFETD (Société Française d’Evaluation et Traitement de la Douleur) and is the author and co-author of several papers and articles devoted to pain. He has organised many national and international congresses.