Professeur Marc SPIELMANN

Acadamic Degrees

Dr_Marc_SPIELMANN1972 Inscription in the Faculty of Medicine of Bobigny , Paris XIII

1980 Graduate of Clinical Oncology University of Paris -Sud ( Paris XI) and Paris XIII

1983 Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris XI , Head of the teaching of breast cancer

1981 Doctor in Medicine, University Paris XIII

1982 Winner of the Faculty of Medicine

1983 MD. PhD with honors , Silver Medal

1983 Assistant Professor at Paris XI University and Clinical Assistant of Paris Hospital

( Professor Maurice Tubiana )

1988 : Lecturer at the university of  Bicetre Paris XIII for clinical carcinology

1994:  Co organizer university degree senology Paris West

1997 : Lecturer in module 10 Cancer for students in DCEM 3.

1998 : Lecturer , University of Paris West for the DESC of breast cancer .

2003 : Lecturer for Diploma Interuniversity of radiology Cancer Paris – Bicetre Necker

2004 : Lecturer at the university diploma oncologic imaging in Paris Sud

2006: Head of the University degree of breast pathology : The Transversal’Breast (Besançon University)

2007: Lecturer for  medical General oncology diploma at  CHU Pitié Salpêtrière. Paris

Hospital Grades

1978: Former intern Paris hospitals.
1986: Medical doctor in oncology (Specialist of cancer centers)
1995: Head of Department of Medical Oncology and Pathology
1995: Head of Breast unit at Institut Gustave Roussy,Villejuif ,Paris
1997:  Head of hospitalization department at the Institute Gustave Roussy
2012: Head of International Relations Medical
1998: French League fight against cancer: Permanent scientific advisor board

Academic Societies

1985: Member of ASCO and ESMO
2005: Member of the Scientific Council of the Breast French Society and breast disease
1991: Member of the scientific board of the journal “the oncologist letter
1999: Member of the scientific board of the journal “the letter of senologist”
2004: Associate Editor of the journal Oncology
2008: Member of the editorial board of the journal Oncology ONKO Plus
2007: Member of the Scientific Council of the “Center  Against Cance”r Jean Perrin in Clermont-Ferrand
2006: Co president for the “Recommendations for Clinical Practice: Recommendations of  Saint Paul”. (With Pr Moise Namer, F.Penault Llorca and J.Gligorov).

Other functions in Medical Teaching and Congress Organisations

1986  Co-organizer with Professor Namer, and Hery, of the French High Course on breast cancer. During Saint Paul (approved INCA)
1986 Co-organizer with Prof. JC Soria of the” Chemotherapy Course”: at Institut Gustave Roussy ( EFEC )
1993   Physician certified expert of Val de Marne
1994 : Director of “Paris workshops breast disease at  Gustave roussy Institut.
1997 : Founder and Director of Conferences of breast pathology at the Gustave Roussy Institute dedicated to residents and Assistant professors of  Hospitals of Paris
1998 : Founder and Chairman of the Association “ Cancer Territories and Overseas Departments Chair: ONCOTOM
1999: Founder and Chairman of the Patient Day ” Anne Of Austria ”
2004 : Founder and President of the International Francophone Congress “Women and Cancer” ( FMC and Inca  agreement )
2004 Organizer and Chairman of Oncology Practice section in the Gynecology French congress (LEN).
2005 Co-organizer, and leader of the Scientific Council in  the French Moroccan Breast training.

2005 : Expert for Breast Pathology at the National Cancer Institute
2006 : Founder and Chairman  of days ” Transversal of Breast Cancer
2007: Founding of the AROMA group (Association of radiotherapists and oncologists Mediterranean ) and Member Association
2008: Cancer Expert of the International Association Euromed ( Development and prevention of medical Europeans and Mediterranean countries).
2012: Head of the International Medical prospective cell Gustave Roussy Institute , Villejuif

2012: Breast medical oncologist of the American Hospital of Paris (Neuilly)

2014: Scientific chairman of the French Breast Cancer Institut. 15 rue Jean Nicot, Paris 75007.

2015: Honorary President of the society of women with breast gene mutation.

2015: member of the scientific board of the predictive medicine and personalized society