Every cancer treatment is decided on after a collegial reflexion. This reflexion takes place at an RCP (Réunion de Concertation Pluridisciplinaire), a multidisciplinary meeting that takes into consideration both national and international recommendations. The therapeutic decision is, naturally, shared with the patient following clear information on the principle, modalities and possible undesirable side effects of the proposed treatment.

The coordination of the treatment is undertaken by the referring doctor – usually the member of the HORG team to whom you have been referred. The continuity of care is essential and to that end, you may be seen by other doctors, if necessary, for reasons of urgency or the need for a particular expertise.

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Local treatments

They aim to eradicate (curative aim) or control (symptomatic aim) the primitive tumour or its secondary lesions. The two main modalities of local treatments are:


Systemic treatments, also known as general treatments

They aim to eradicate (curative aim) or control (symptomatic aim) secondary lesions (metasteses). At times, these treatments are given, either in a neoadjuvant context (prior to local treatments) or adjuvant (after local treatments where there is no visible residual disease).

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The treatment must be adapted to the patient (and not the reverse). It is essential that every effort be made to know you better and know your cancer better.

The oncogenetic consultation

To assess the risk of developing cancer

The functional and geriatric assessment

To assess/improve the capacity to undergo treatment

Characterisation of the cancer

Know your enemy


In no way superfluous!

Cancer and its treatments can, at times, cause physical or psychological symptoms that we take very seriously. A team of professional health carers will give you all the help you need to make your life easier and improve its quality; this will enhance the effect of the specific treatment of your cancer.

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