Functional and onco-geriatric assessment

Assessment/improvement of the capacity to receive a treatment

It leads to a definition of the individual therapeutic strategy, its modalities and intensity of the treatment. Elderly patients will also be offered personalised care (physiotherapy, nutritionist, re-education ….).We are particularly attentive to our elderly patients, making sure their treatments are well tolerated.


Functional assessment

The functional assessment of patients suffering from cancer enables a personalisation of their care and an adaptation of the therapeutic decisions and additional care that will be put in place. This is an interdisciplinary approach whose aim is to maintain the patient’s quality of life by anticipating the impact of the treatment prescribed.

Professor Hervé TAILLIA, a neurologist, and Madame Lisa VERPEAUX, a speech therapist, are in charge of the neuro-cognitive assessments. They make a precise and systematic exploration of the central and peripheral nervous systems before, during and after the cancer.


Onco-geriatric assessment

Elderly patients will systematically be offered this specific care. A geriatrician co-ordinates the process.

Geriatric assessment pays particular attention to patients’ autonomy, cognitive functions and affective state in collaboration with a psychologist, to their nutritional state with dieticians, to their poly-medication and the risk of adverse drug interaction, their functional state and risk of falling, in collaboration with physiotherapists. Finally, particular attention is paid to multiple drug prescriptions and their risk of dangerous interactions.