Radiotherapy hartmann oncology radiotherapy group rapidarc (1)

The right dose to the right place

A locoregional treatment delivers energy to a targeted volume.

Its aim is either curative, taking part in the curing of the cancer, or symptomatic, relieving or preventing its effects.

Volumic arctherapy radiotherapy, with modulation of intensity (rapidarc/varian), image guided radiotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy (M6 CyberKnife/accuray) ensure high precision treatments.

Radiotherapy is made-to-measure.

Computer systems and information technology are on the move!


All our radiotherapies are carried out at the Institut de Cancérologie Hartmann.

Radiotherapy consists of utilising ionising radiations for therapeutic ends. We deliver what is called external radiotherapy (the source being outside the patient’s body).

Our high technicity platform for 3D radiotherapy and Arctherapy with modulation of intensity consists of:

  • 1 Clinac 2100
  • 3 Clinac iX with OBI (On Board Imaging) & IGRT (Image Guided RadioTherapy).
  • 1 virtual simulation adapted to large ring scanographer
  • 2 computerised planification of treatments systems (Eclipse/Varian, Pinnacle/Elekta)
  • 1 control and verification of treatment parametres system
  • 1 full set of modern apparatus control devices


External radiotherapy with modulation of intensity

All our radiotherapies are carried out in three-dimensional mode with modulation of intensity, forward planning or, almost systematically for pelvic, abdominal, thoracic or ENT by volumic arctherapy with modulation of intensity.

What are the external radiotherapy techniques?


Stereotactic radiotherapy
ck horg 7 cyberknife M6 hartmann

The Institut de Cancérologie Hartmann was the first in the Ile de France region to possess a system dedicated to stereotactic radiotherapy: the CyberKnife.

Our latest generation M6 CyberKnife is a miniaturised accelerator mounted on a robotised arm that detects the patient’s and the tumour’s movements, follows them in real time, correcting them throughout the treatment (« tracking ») thus guaranteeing precision and giving the patient greater comfort. Using the CyberKnife does not involve any invasive restraining device; it makes it possible to administer very high doses, with the aim of « ablation », in only a very few sessions (1 to 6).